The roots of the company, which was founded in 1971, go back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Through the generations, the love for working in the forest and on the farm grew. These two industries have always been connected in these places, and it is also true for Franc Gašper the elder that he was a farmer and a forester.

The basic activities of the ancestors were agriculture and forestry. In the early 1970s, this became the basis for the development of other activities - transport and the production of crates and other wooden packaging from waste and other wood.

Greater production necessarily dictated larger and more modern production facilities. The new sawmill was completely built in 1978.

In 1989, the workshop grew into a company with a basic production program of furniture production and assembly.

In the new decade, we outline new quality guidelines. Using innovative technology, our products reflect the most advanced findings from the fields of mechanical engineering and woodworking. The integrated process of wood protection for new window models thus begins with the actual production in the machine. We provide products with durability and lasting appeal tailored to the individual. To date, the Gašper company has produced more than 100,000 windows. The new window models comply with low-energy standards, and we additionally protect them with ecological coatings. 

A good 80 percent of the company's production is covered by well-known buyers at home and abroad. Products, always adapted to the special requirements of customers, are exported mainly to Germany, Austria, Croatia, Macedonia, Switzerland, Italy, Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This way of working requires extensive technological preparation. Each individual has an important role in the production process, as it begins already in the forest.

Celotna ekipa podjetja je usmerjena k izpopolnjevanju glavnega poslanstva podjetja, kakovostnega zadovoljevanja potreb in izboljšanja bivalnega ter poslovnega okolja.