Panoramic sliding doors allow viewing glazing of larger dimensions with minimal intermediate columns. The dimensions are conditioned by the maximum weight of the sliding sash (300 kg) and the maximum weight of the glass (450 kg) for fixed glazing. The basic model of the sliding door is two-part with a maximum width of 6500 mm and a maximum height without overhead light of 2800 mm. Our method of implementing panoramic lift doors allows us to more easily adapt to the individual project and situation.


Wood-Alu window without corner post - glass/glass joint

This method of glazing allows panoramic views with an elegant glass solution of corner joints that increase the field of view without massive corner wooden columns. This detail can contribute a lot to the modern look of the building.

The 68mm thick wooden frame is multi-layer glued without a visible longitudinal joint, lux glass slat.
The possibility of installing different glasses up to 50 mm, which enable various aesthetic solutions and the level of thermal insulation. due to the corner joint detail, safety tempered glass is required on the outside, and the visible contact of the glass is enamelled in black. This method of glazing is an elegant solution to corner joints, as it increases the field of view (there are no massive corner columns) and contributes to the modern look of the house.
Heat insulating glass: Ug = 0.4 to 0.7 W/m2K.
Sound insulating glass: 32 to 50 dB.