At Gašper, we are satisfied with the response of our customers, as we receive many positive responses from users of our products. We will also welcome any justified criticism, in order to improve. You can send us your praise or criticism at this address.

You can see some of the latest responses from our customers below.

"Thank you to the installers Mr. Haxhi and young Dimitri. They were very hardworking and we can only praise them highly. They worked like clockwork, hardworking, very pleasant." - Mrs. Sabina, Žirovnica, 2016

"I would like to thank the fitter for the excellent installation and service. A truly praiseworthy master.” - Mrs. Tanja, Ruše, 2016

"I would like to thank the entire team for a good and professional job. There was a lot of positive energy and laughter during the assembly. I also appreciate the fact that the final calculation was identical to the estimate, without additional work, which is very common in the construction industry. It was a pleasure working with you.” - Mrs. Anita, Loče pri Poljčanah, 2016

"The Gašper company has been supplying us with windows and doors for business premises and apartments since 2006. Last year, when we made a small balcony with a view of Rožnik and Tivoli, instead of a window in the living room, in an attic apartment in the center of Ljubljana. The panoramic doors to this balcony literally changed our lives. The living room is bright, the door opens perfectly and with three panes of glass, it is also very well insulating. When the strong summer sun shines, the door can be shaded with high-quality metal blinds. Over the years, I can also praise the installers, who work very professionally and cleanly. The year before last, we also changed the entrance door to the apartment. We no longer hear our neighbors and the smells from the apartments below no longer reach us. In addition, they are also very safe and close well." - Mrs. May, Ljubljana, 2015

"We would like to thank you for all the effort you put into organizing faster delivery and installation of windows at Vrhnik facilities. " - Mrs. Jasna, project manager, Vrhnika, 2015

"I would like to thank you for the professional, correct and quick process of replacing the round windows at the residential building Kotnikova ulica, Ljubljana. Thanks also to Mr. Mulej for the measurements and coordination of the works, and above all to the installers, who carried out the agreed assembly in an exemplary manner and quickly.

The approach you have shown in a relatively small business is worthy of all praise and respect, especially in today's times, where as a designer I witness all possible excuses, procrastination and low-quality work. " - Mr. Stojan, Ljubljana, 2015

"I would like to take this opportunity to specially praise your installers who came to install the windows and balcony doors. They handled the material very carefully - more than we were used to from other masters. They answered all our questions. Everyone was very nice and generally okay. I have to give special praise to Mr. Mori because he made sure that everything went as planned. Thanks to them and to you for a job well done." - Mrs. Mateja, Dobrna, 2014